Georgie’s Dinosaur Themed Bedroom Reveal

G room

Georgie’s Dinosaur Themed Bedroom Reveal

boy bedroom inspo

boy bedroom inspo

boy bedroom inspo

boy bedroom inspo

Georgie had a lot of his own ideas when it came to his “big boy” room renovation. He requested a “dinosaur theme” and blue walls. I am not a fan of anything “charecter-ish” and prefer a neutral color scheme. However, I wanted G to LOVE his new room and be proud of it.

It’s not quite finished, but I just couldn’t wait to share! We are waiting for this grey swiss cross rug to come in yet. It’s an indoor/outdoor rug which seems to hold up better for kids rooms.

I saw a similar picture in a Restoration Hardware catalog and ran with it. I knew it wouldn’t be possible to buy the entire room from RH because it would be super pricey. I purchased a few of the items from RH and then found lots of dupes!

When going with a theme room I suggest keeping the majority of the big items in a neutral palette. Then add “touches” of decor that have that theme. Kids outgrow what they are into very quickly, and this way you can keep the majority of the room and swap out detail decor items with whatever their new favorite thing is.

The bedding, dinosaur head, display book shelves and giant letters are all from RH Baby & Child. I was sure to link tons of dupes for these items as well that are at a much lower price point.

This dresser and headboard look nearly identical to the RH version. They are at an amazing price point!! I was super impressed. Note, you do have to build the dresser. (AKA Trey had to build the dresser..)

The fringe chandelier makes such a statement and is a really cool piece! It looks much more high end than it is. (It was under $300.)

Instead of using a typical nightstand we replaced it with a faux leather poof. This is a great option for kids that are switching to a “big bed” for the first time. If they happen to fall off it is a much safer option. This one works great because it has a flat top. You can easily put a tray on top to hold a cup of water or anything needed by the bed. (These are still on backorder as well, but I will update with new pics when these and the rug come in!)

Using mixed textures and mixed prints in a similar color scheme is my favorite way to decorate. The wallpaper was the perfect way to add a really interesting texture throughout the entire space. It almost looks like denim on the walls. I couldn’t be any happier with the way it turned out! It’s fairly affordable as far as wallpaper goes.

The line “it’s all in the details” is really true. The small little touches are what makes a space exciting and visually appeasing as well. One of my favorites were these tiny dinosaur footprints crawling up the wall. Georgie just thinks they are the greatest thing! (That’s what it’s really all about, right?!)

We are so happy with the way G’s dinosaur themed bedroom came out! He loves it, and I was able to keep it looking neutral. All is happy!


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