Outdoor Dining For Summer Nights

outdoor dining

Outdoor Dining For Summer Nights

With the focus being at home these days, we wanted to create a serene space for dining outdoors. It’s a great way to entertain and utilize time outside.

Outdoor furniture can be very pricey and often the more affordable options do not feel sturdy. After ordering a couple affordable options, I realized some were even smaller in scale than normal furniture.

After LOTS of trial and error, sending items back (eek), and scouring the internet…I’ve found some winners! Here are some great outdoor pieces that can create the perfect outdoor dining space at a super affordable price point.

First, you want to ground the space with a large outdoor rug. This one HERE is neutral, durable and on mega sale.

These outdoor chairs come in a pack of 6 for $400.

The wash on this table is neutral and really pretty in person. It’s on sale for around $300 and can be found HERE. We added this umbrella for shade and it was $70.

We had such a fun night with the boys snacking on a summer charcuterie board. I’ve got some fun posts with charcuterie and treat boards. You can find the charcuterie one HEREHERE.

If you are needing more outdoor activity ideas to keep your family entertained this summer, I’ve got a post with ideas on that HERE.



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