Hair Tutorial – Loose Beach Waves

t3 micro curling wand

My most asked question is always about my hair, so I thought I’d share a hair tutorial with my everyday hair look.

t3 micro curling wand

Interchangeable Styling Wand with 3 Rods| Dry Shampoo |
| Hair Oil | Wet Brush | Longhorn Cardigan

My most asked question is always about my hair, so I thought I’d share a hair tutorial with my everyday hair look.

I’ve been meaning to get this one up for awhile, and the time has finally come! So let me preface this with the fact that I do naturally have really thick and long hair. Prenatal vitamins for almost two years straight has helped as well. I also get regular hair cuts, and brush my hair often with a wet brush. I also do NOT wash my hair everyday. Twice a week usually does the trick for me.

You can really accomplish a lot with a good blow dry. I use the T3 Micro Featherweight Luxe Blowdryer to get a smooth base. You can check out all the details on that with this previous post I did explaining that in further detail.

The main trick to getting this loose and easy curl look is using a styling wand. I’ve been using a wand instead of the traditional curling iron for a few years now, and it’s made all the difference! I’m obsessed (and I know that word is overused, but it’s so true in this case) with my T3 wand. The interchangeable option has 3 different sizes. For this look I used the biggest barrel. Sometimes, I will use the medium sized barrel if I know I won’t have anytime to style the next day and want it to truly last. I save the smallest barrel for times when I’m doing a braided look or updo or something similar and just need small curls around my face.

Using large sections (1 inch to an inch and a half) I wrap the hair around the barrel. For the pieces closest to my face, I go AWAY from the face. Every other section I switch up the direction of the wand. (Easiest to see in the pictures.) So for one the smallest top part of the barrel is facing up and then for the next piece I point the wand down.

It’s best to not touch the curls until they have had time to cool and set. Once they are all cool, I spray dry shampoo throughout my roots, and use also like a texture spray. Then run your fingers loosely throughout your hair.

Finish the look by smoothing the stray hairs with some hair oil. The Fave4 one has been my favorite so far, because it isn’t too “greasy” and is also light. You can also do a light hairspray coat, if you choose.

You can also head over to my Instagram to watch my Instastories where I do video of this look and others!

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