Microneedling With PRP (AKA Vampire Facial) Review

microneedling with prp

Microneedling With PRP (AKA Vampire Facial) Review

First of all, if you are located in Nashville or Atlanta, Skinpharm is a must stop for your skincare needs! They evaluated my skin and chose a treatment plan and product regime that has completely transformed my skin. Thanks to Madeline at Skinpharm for breaking down all my many questions so I could share with ya’ll! They are all so knowledgable and I highly recommend a consultation with them to see what is best for your personal needs.

What It Is:

First, they will take your blood and “spin” it or remove the plasma from the red blood cells.
The plasma or “liquid gold” is then needled down into the skin. The blood drawn is a very small amount. I felt no effects from this.

What It Does:

PRP contains proteins and growth factors that help the skin repair itself. It promotes collagen and elastin production.

What Are The Benefits:

For me, I wanted to target some old acne scars. It also helps with evening out skin texture, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkeles, sun damage and more. The glow afterwards is unbeatable!

Does It Hurt?

The ladies at Skinpharm numbed my face, so while I felt the vibrations of the fine needles, there was no pain associated with the vibrations.

Misconception Of The “Vampire” Term:

So the term “Vampire facial” was conned because of the blood used in addition to the microneedling. However, no red blood is ever on your face…. you aren’t “bloody” at all. Only the plasma is used in the procedure.

I have gotten this done twice and will continue to get this procedure done quarterly. You see best results this way. It has transformed the hyperpigmentation of my skin, really made a difference in some old acne scarring and truly gives me a GLOW!

For me, I had zero side effects and little to no “down time.” However, make sure to talk to your practitioner about possible risks and make sure this is the right treatment plan for you.

Also, if you want to check out Skinpharm’s products I wanted to share a few of my favorites. I have gotten so many of my friends and families on these products and they are GAME CHANGERS. These are a few of my holy grail beauty products:

Glow Factor- Great for brightening. Packed with pure Vitamin C and E, antioxidants, and 0.5% ferulic acid.

Youth Serum- Number 1 favorite beauty product of all time! Tackling everything from dullness to firmness, fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, redness, texture, and dryness. Like a big gulp of water for your skin. So hydrating!

100% Mineral Tinted SPF– If you are new to skincare and need to know where to start. START HERE> SPF is the best thing you can do to protect your skin. Their is a tint to this one and I use it for everyday as my foundation. It has the best glow and natural look.

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