New Year’s Eve Reflections: 18 Life Lessons Learned in 2018

new years eve

New Year’s Eve Reflections: 18 Life Lessons Learned in 2018

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new years eve

nashville blogger

nashville blogger

nashville blogger

new years eve

new years eve

nashville blogger

nashville blogger

nashville blogger

2018 was amazing. Honestly, mainly because I made up my mind it would be. This year I focused on being intentional. I really made an effort to worry more about my family and friends and less about a following count on social media. Positivity and productivity were high on my priority list, and it was such a fun and successful year!

Reflection leads to growth. It’s so important to spend a bit of time with your thoughts, and write down what you learned from the year. Dive into the areas where you’ve improved and areas you want to work on for the next year!

I started by reading my post from last year (17 things I learned in 2017… you can read that HERE.) I had to laugh because there were only 15 things. I was so tired from Wilder not sleeping at night, my mind was not all there.

18 Life Lessons Learned in 2018

1. Life with kids goes by at a rapid speed. Slow down. Play on the ground with them. Read them an extra book. Rock them while they let you. Truly enjoy your time with them instead of rushing through the motions.

My favorite moments from this year were simple nights at home with the four of us just spending quality time together.

2. “Make a way, not an excuse.”

I was so overwhelmed after adding Wilder to our family last year, that I didn’t get much done. Besides stress about what wasn’t done that is. After attending Fohr conference this year, I heard this line and have made it a life mantra.

If you want something bad enough, there is a way to make it happen!

3. Instead of forcing a chair at a table that doesn’t have room for you, build your own table and nurture those who show up to eat.

There are certain friendships that I put so much into, and am hurt when they don’t reciprocate. Or friend groups that I just don’t seem to belong. I’ve learned to water the relationships that mean the most, even if there are fewer flowers in the garden. They will end up being the prettiest flowers you ever did see!

4. Fight less. So few things are really worth the fight.

5. Kids see everything you do. Kids also mimic your actions. Always remember who’s watching and how each and every action is shaping their future self.

6. Sometimes you can’t do it all. AND THAT’S OK.

7. Sometimes you are super women and can do it all. (Some days…)

8. You can be an amazing mom. AND an amazing business woman. AND an amazing wife. AND an amazing friend. IF you want to be, and work really hard on each thing.

The easiest way to do this is to be where your feet are. When you are working, be there and put everything into your work. When you are with your kids. BE THERE. Playing on the floor.

9. Someone else’s success is not your failure!

10. It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.

11. You are the lid to your own success. Remove the lid and the sky is the limit!

12. When your child is having a meltdown/tantrum it is because they do not understand the emotions that they are all feeling. Yelling or acting out of anger only adds to the problem. Staying calm and being gentle, no matter how hard that is to do, is so much more effective.

13. Writing down and focusing on gratitude will change your life around.

14. You need so much less in your home than you think! I’ve been decluttering and purging, and it feels great. You can read a how to declutter your home with a printable checklist HERE.

15. It’s ok to need a few minutes to yourself. I can be a better (more patient) mom when I have fueled up the gas tank.

16. Experiences are so much greater than things!

17. You are never to old to learn a new skill. (Still working on my computer skills, but YouTube tutorial videos can teach ya just about anything!)

18. Give yourself grace. Give everyone grace. You never know what kind of day someone has had. Be patient with people, and yourself.

I hope everyone takes a few minutes to reflect on their year, and write down some lessons learned.

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