Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Tips & Tricks

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Tips & Tricks

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

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nordstrom anniversary sale

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If you aren’t familiar with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…. you are missing out!! Take it from a level 4 Nordstrom shopper (I know, I know, it’s a problem…) this is the best way to shop the upcoming fall fashions. I’ve got tips and tricks to help you save the most and navigate through the sale.

Why this Sale is Different

This sale is different from most sales in that these are the upcoming fall season’s hottest pieces put up at majorly discounted prices rather than sizes that didn’t sell from a current season. Once the sale is over, whatever is left is then marked back up to MSRP. Pretty dang awesome.

Important Dates/Cardholders

From July 12-19th Nordstrom cardholders can shop the sale before it opens to the public. This is important because tons of the items will sell out before the public gets access to them. I’m not a big fan of store credit cards, personally, because it makes self control a little hard. However, they have an option where you can get all the rewards and it connects directly to your debit card! I love this option. If you have better self discipline with your spending, they have credit card options too! You can sign up HERE. If you are approved for the card, you receive a $20 Nordstrom note to use during the sale.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens to the public from July 20th-August 5th. Prices go back up to normal MSRP on August 6th.

Items Sell Out…Fast.

Everyone loves a good sale and quantities are limited. SO… things sell out fast. Anyone remember the Topshop striped cardigan last year? People were selling it on ebay for triple the price because it was so hot.

A couple things you can do to make sure you secure the best deals:

1. Apply for the card so you can shop the early access.

2. Shop online first, and then in store. There is always a better chance of the item being available online. You can also buy online and pick up in store.

3. Buy first, return later. Ok, so I’m not a huge fan of having to return items. I’ve worked in retail and know the hassle. However, this is an exception. Nordstrom has one of the easiest and best return policies in all of retail. Go ahead and purchase the item and if you decide it wasn’t a great fit, or was an impulse decision, it is extremely easy to return. If you wait to think on it (which in most normal situations I would suggest) there is a great chance it will sell out.

4. Restocks happen frequently. They do restock items throughout the sale, so continue to go back to Nordstrom.com if you happened to miss out on something that you really would love.

How I can Help You

I’m pretty much a complete crazy A$$ when it comes to this sale. Early Access starts during my birthday week. I take that as a sign that I’m supposed to use that opportunity to the fullest. Year after year, I do. When the sale first goes live, I spend hours and hours browsing nearly every page for the best finds. (The sale spreads from women, baby, men, home, etc.) I typically look for classics that you can get tons of use out of in each category. They always have a killer leather jacket, great designer denim deals, designer handbags at majorly discounted prices, a beauty kit, booties/boots for fall, great staple coat, etc. This year I was able to get my hands on the media PDF’s and I’ve been creating lots of collages with breakdowns of the best deals in each category. Let me just tell you, it does not disappoint.

I’ll also go to the store the first day and check out everything in person. Be sure to watch my Instastories to view the items. This way if you have questions about quality or something similar, I can do my best to help you out. I so look forward to this as I don’t take nearly as many styling jobs as I did before the boys were born. It’s truly so fun for me!

Triple Point Day/Card benefits

If you decide you do not want to become a cardholder, you can still join Nordstrom Rewards. With the rewards program you will get 1 point for every $1 spent. I HIGHLY recommend doing that.

Cardholders rack up points quicker gaining 2 points for every $1 spent. (This applies to Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook and Trunk Club.) You get reimbursed in notes for alterations as well. Throughout the year, there are double points, and triple points days. These are great times to make larger purchases as the notes can really add up quickly!

You also get to choose a triple point day! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is absolutely the day to do that. Not only are you saving money from the discounted prices, but you also are making money from the notes to spend later. They don’t expire for a year. I typically majorly stock up during the sale, and get a ton of $20 notes. It’s hard to do, but I try to save those notes for Christmas time. I then use them for gifts. Around that time, it’s always great to have that option!

Hope this helps! If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact me HERE. . Happy shopping. 🙂

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