My Honest Review Of Rodan + Fields SOOTHE Regimen Skincare

rodan and fields review

My Honest Review Of Rodan + Fields SOOTHE Regimen Skincare

rodan and fields review

Thank you to Rodan + Fields for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Rodan + Fields launched their SOOTHE Regimen, which is a 4-step skincare routine that is specifically designed for sensitive, red, dry, irritated skin and uncomfortable skin. The goal is to calm those issues and refresh your skin for a better night’s rest.

The line is formulated to improve dry and irritated skin by replenishing moisture. The ingredients used are soothing, like colloidal oatmeal and proprietary RFp2 Peptides, or seven essential ceramides that work to strengthen the moisture-barrier and also help address visible flare-ups for clearer skin.

I have been suffering with severely dry skin that causes me to scratch at it like crazy. It’s extremely uncomfortable, but also it has caused it to be very sensitive to many products that had previously worked for my skin.

Rodan + Fields sent me their SOOTHE Regimen since it is formulated to help with these issues for my honest review.

It’s important to me to find products that are sulfate-free. These are soap-free, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic and also dermatologist tested.

My Review Of The 4-Step Soothe Regimen for Sensitive Skin –

Step 1: SOOTHE Calming Gel Cleanser

My First Thoughts: It’s a non-foaming cleanser and I like that it does not have a strong scent. It was very gentle, but it was able to remove my makeup well. The formula is rich and it feels calming while applying. My skin felt notably softer after using the cleanser.

Product Info: The cleanser is formulated to cleanse skin without stripping the skin’s barrier which helps to calm and alleviate any discomfort. Made with glycerin to strengthen skin’s moisture barrier without disrupting pH. Also made with Bisabolol to calm dry skin and reduce redness.

Price: $45. You can find the SOOTHE Calming Gel Cleanser HERE.

Step 2: SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment

My First Thoughts: After starting this lotion, I noticed a difference in my skin’s visible redness. It really helped protect my skin against the dry weather. When applying I’d also feel a soothing relief against the itchiness I was experiencing.

Product Info: Protects against after exposure to UV, pollution & everyday stressors. The skin treatment is derived from Cherimoya fruit extract, Allantoin (OTC 0.5%), Dimethicone (OTC 2%), Dual-Licorice Technology, Proprietary RFp2 Peptide Complex.

Price: $90. You can find the SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment HERE.

Step 3: SOOTHE Moisturizing Rescue Cream

My First Thoughts: This was like a big “drink of water” for my skin… extra hydrating! With my extreme dry skin this was my favorite product from the line. It’s a cream product that is very rich and nourishing. It goes on very smoothly. Other rich, creamy hydrators I tried didn’t wear well under makeup. I was impressed that this was very smooth and wore well under my normal makeup routine.

Product Info: Seals in hydration and defends against sensitivity, environmental aggressors + irritants. Works to temporarily relieve itching, blotchiness, etc. Clinically tested on sensitive skin. Fragrance free + non- comedogenic. Made with 7 Essential Ceramides and Colloidal Oatmeal (1% OTC ).

Price: $60. You can find the SOOTHE Moisturizing Rescue Cream HERE.

Step 4: Daily Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30

My First Thoughts: I firmly believe the best thing you can do for your skin is adamantly wear SPF EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Cloudy day = sunscreen and a sunny day = sunscreen. I started this practice two years ago and have stuck to it ever since.

This was a very lightweight formula which makes it great for daily use. I can wear this in combination with my other skincare products and makeup without getting clogged pores or irritated skin. It’s totally fragrance free. It feels calming while applying.

Product Info: Protects skin from UVA/UVB rays and everyday environmental aggressors. Non- comedogenic and clinically tested on sensitive skin. Made from 100% Mineral- Based Sunscreen Actives, Artichoke Leaf Extract and patented RF3 Antioxidant Complex.

Price: $40. You can find Daily Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 HERE.

How To Use The 4-Step Regimen:

** Use the SOOTHE Regimen twice daily in the AM + PM and avoid your eye area. **

Step 1: Cleanser – SOOTHE Calming Gel Cleanser (AM + PM)
1. Wet skin with lukewarm water.
2. Massage cleanser evenly onto face for 30-60 seconds.
3. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.
Step 2: Treatment – SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment (AM + PM)
1. Apply a thin layer evenly over face.
2. Do not rinse off.

Step 3: Moisturizer – SOOTHE Moisturizing Rescue Cream (AM + PM)
1. Apply a thin layer over face.

Step 4 AM: Moisturizer with Sunscreen – SOOTHE Daily Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 (AM)
1. Shake bottle well.
2. Apply a thin layer over your face and neck. Reapply every 2-3 hours when exposed to sun and after towel drying, swimming or sweating.

I wanted to share some clinical results that were given to me from Rodan + Fields.


Results After 4 Weeks:
*76% had less visible blotchiness
Results After 8 Weeks:
*30% better on visible redness
*4X better at evening skin tone/blotchiness appearance
*100% had less visible dryness
*94% had smoother skin
*Now calms dry, itchy skin for better sleep
*Strengthens skins barrier
*78% of subjects with eczema agreed they had less bothersome itchiness
*82% noticed more even-looking skin texture
*79% noticed skin feels balanced and less sensitive
*71% agreed skin looks calmer and more relaxed

*Based on an 8-week U.S. clinical and consumer study. Results may vary depending on multiple factors: age, gender, skin type and condition, concomitant products used, health history, location, lifestyle and diet.


I was very impressed with the way that it was able to calm my dry and irritated skin. After trying a variety of other products, I’ve never felt the kind of relief that I felt from the SOOTHE Regimen. At night, I have not been waking up due to uncomfortably itchy skin. That has been the biggest relief of all! The products are totally fragrance-free. My favorite product of the collection is the moisturizer because of it’s deep hydration.

Just wanted to note that I did still use other skincare products for different concerns in addition to this 4-step regimen.

After trying these products for review, I will continue to implement them into my skincare routine in addition to a few of my other tried and true favorites.

If you’d like to try any of these products they are available through Rodan + Fields Independent Consultants or HERE at


What I’m Packing For Spring Break At The Beach

spring break outfits

What I’m Packing For Spring Break At The Beach

After being so cooped up in our home for months we are THRILLED to be heading down to the beach for a bit. I have some tried and true pieces in this round up that our classics and a few fun new pieces as well.

This Amazon suit is the most flattering/forgiving suit ever! It does not move around and has a full coverage back. (Perfect for chasing kids…) It comes in a few other colors. I went one size up from my typical size. The quality is far better than other Amazon suits I’ve tried.

Last season I purchased this tan tiered maxi dress and got a TON of wear out of it. I found a nearly identical dupe that is more affordable HERE.

These jean shorts are actually long enough to cover everything they should. Also digging this darker pair.

Summer Tote Bag- loved that this can fit a ton for the beach, but also looks nice enough to dress up and wear out to dinner at night.

Leopard Print Kimono- This cover up can be worn open, but has a belt as well. If you are on the shorter side..warning this one runs a little long.


Cover Ups:



Lounge/Comfy Wear:

Easy To Wear Dresses:


Home Office Update- Art With Desenio

home office decor

Home Office Update- Art With Desenio

Both Trey and I have been working from home for 11 months now. It was time to give our home office a refresher to make it a more inviting and exciting space to be in. If you are looking for the easiest update to any space, some fresh new art is an affordable and quick option!

We went with abstract pieces that I found on They have a HUGE selection of posters and mounting solutions. You are able to easily refine your search to your specific needs by art type, size, etc.

Behind the desk we wanted an oversized piece that could make a statement, but also go with all of the other items in the space. Something that created a serene working space. I went with this one HERE. The beige tones and balance in the piece are perfect for a large piece. You can choose to purchase the frame as well in different color options or purchase just the poster or hang with clips.

An easy way to update your bookshelves is to stack in art pieces behind decorative pieces or books. This one HERE and this one HERE went great with our larger art option. Both abstract, simple, neutral, but still interesting. Layering art pieces is a great way to get a designer look. It looks polished and put together.

If you are wanting art that is cohesive together you can check out their gallery wall options right HERE. Gallery walls make the biggest statement in a space, but can be intimidating. I love that they take the hard part out and you can purchase a set.

Another way to make a serene work space while we are working from home is to add a diffuser or candles. It can be so stressful to work with a wild four and three year old (and a husband) all in the same tight quarters. Diffusing eucalyptus or lavender makes your space more calming.

If you are looking to feel more motivated and uplifted in your surroundings, adding some art to your walls is the quick update you need! Really loved my experience with Desenio. Super easy, affordable, shipped quickly and shipping was free (over $45.)

You can receive 30% off with code: BEAUSANDASHLEY. Valid until the 25th of February, and excludes frames and handpicked/personalized prints.

** Thanks to Desenio for sponsoring this post. **


Neutral Living Room Decor

living room decor

Neutral Living Room Decor

There are very few spaces in our home that I feel are “finished”, but the living room is just about there. While everything is always a bit of a work in progress, this space is starting to feel complete.

Neutrals don’t have to be boring. When you add in fun art, tons of varying textures, and different materials. We wanted a light and bright space that also felt very cozy and inviting. We live a lot of life in here in this space.

The rug is this one HERE. We wanted something large enough to fill the whole space and durable. While the jute is not the softest option, it’s heavy duty for our two toddler boys. The texture that this brings to the room is great as well.

Our couches are the Restoration Hardware Maxwell in Belgian linen. We have had them for years and they’ve held up well. We wash the covers fairly frequently. The trick is to spray any stains and wash on delicate and cold. Before the covers are totally dry, put them back on. You can have a fan on them to speed the drying process. (Never put in dryer…)

The couches were a bit of a splurge, but if you love the look of Restoration Hardware for less I have a full blog post on that HERE.

These white chairs are a Restoration Hardware look for less option. They are these HERE. These cushion covers can be washed as well. Many think I’m crazy for having these with kids, but we really haven’t had a problem with them. We use this stain remover and it’s great. I also hang a throw blanket on the back and a pillow on the front of each chair.

It took multiple attempts to get artwork that we really loved in the space. Oversized art makes such a statement for any room. The doves to me mean peace. I love the idea of having that in living area of our home. These were purchased from Perigold and the artist name is Thom Filicia.

Baskets are a great way to hold blankets, pillows or in our case they hide the toys. These HERE from Target come in two sizes and look identical to our Pottery Barn ones.

Another way I made a statement in this space were with oversized throw pillows. These pillows were a splurge, but made such a difference. They are HUGE and bring in a great texture. You can find them HERE.

We needed to add in a bit of storage in the space and this accent cabinet has been perfect.

A favorite piece in the room is this mirror. It’s the popular Anthropologie version which is another splurge, but I’ve found a mirror that looks almost identical for under $100. You can find that one HERE.

When it came to the coffee table I knew I needed something that would be kid friendly for our two wild toddlers. This soft ottoman has been super durable and great for the kids. My dad built a simple waterfall edge to the specifications of the ottoman to provide a space for some added decor.

Personalized touches in a space are what makes a home feel like home. George went to an art class with a Nashville based artist, Sydney Clawson, and made an abstract piece. I had the piece framed and wanted a really special way to showcase that. This gallery art easel makes such a statement for a great price. They have a smaller version that can go on top of a table as well.

You can shop the furniture and home decor accessories below:


10 February Finds

10 february finds

10 February Finds

** Click on any of the below images to shop. **

1. Silk Mask- Comes in different prints. If you have had issues with “mask-ne” this will help. Prevents against breakouts and is comfortable to wear.

2. Heathered Cashmere Sheet Set- I’ve become a bit of a sheet snob and these are just SO good. They are cozy and hold up so well. You can also use the following discount code for $25 off their site: ashley25

3. White Sneakers- Love that white sneakers are trending. These are a comfortable pair that have such a cool look to them.

4. Shoulder Pleat Jumpsuit- Spring is on the horizon! If you are looking for a few staple pieces for the upcoming season.. this is it! The shoulder detailing is so unique, it’s comfortable and a neutral color. Triple win! It’s a piece you can dress up or down and can get a lot of wear out of.

5. Leopard Dress- This dress is under $30, but has such a high-end look/feel to it. It’d make a cute cover up this summer or perfect with over knee boots and a leather jacket to still wear this winter.

6. Braided Sandal- These come in both black and a nude color. They remind me of Bottega, but are affordable! Perfect throw on and go pair for this spring/summer season.

7. Summer Friday’s Gel Cream- I snatched this up as soon as they released it and it’s totally worth the hype! It’s an amazing hydrator, oil-free and gives that “dewey” look.

8. Equilibria CBD Daily Drops- I opened up over on Instagram Stories about my stuggle with anxiety lately. This by women, for women owned CBD company has truly been incredible. I take a combo of the soft gels (slow release) and the daily drops (more instant). The daily drops have really helped me to calm down and fall asleep. The have a dosage specialist you can talk to if you are unsure of what to order. It’s been so helpful and I wanted to pass it on to anyone else who it could possibly help as well. The discount code for this one is: beausandashley

9. Grey Marble Tray- This has the look of home decor pieces I’ve been seeing on the designer sites, but it’s under $30. Perfect as a soap/lotion holder in a bathroom or to stack a candle on as a decor piece.

10. Ruffled Marble Bowl- This comes in three different size options. I have the largest size option as a decorative piece in our entryway. I’ve loved it so much that I wanted to order the other sizes as well, but it’s been sold out for months. If you love this one be sure to grab since they sell out quickly. The smallest version is the perfect size to keep on your nightstand as a ring/jewelry holder. Beautiful piece that’s also great quality.


A Week’s Worth Of Winter Outfit Inspo With Leggings

a week of winter outfit inspo with leggigns

A Week’s Worth Of Winter Outfit Inspo With Leggings

Bag: Zara


2020 Best Sellers: Reader Favorites

2020 best sellers

2020 Best Sellers: Reader Favorites

Amazon Favorites:

Salad Chopper & Blade- Makes the perfect chopped salad!

Glass Tumbler & BPA Free Straw- There’s something about a good glass that makes you drink more water. I love the silicone slip on this one. It’s under $20 and something I use everyday.

Stain Remover- There’s a reason this stuff has such a loyal following and tons of great reviews. It’s the reason I’m able to have white furniture with two toddlers.

Restoration Hardware Dupes:

These are always top sellers. If you want to see a full line up of Restoration Hardware look for less items, you can check out this blog post HERE!

Console Table- Looks just like the RH version for 1/3 of the price. Love the way it looks with two stools underneath and a piece of artwork above. Throw a few coffee table books and a decorative bowl on and it’ll be perfect!

Swivel Armchairs- We have these and love these. They are really comfortable. The back cushion and bottom cushion can be washed. (Don’t dry!)

Home Decor:

Rug Runner- We have this as our kitchen runner and absolutely love it. Comes in several different sizes. It’s sold out multiple times this year, but is currently in stock!

Books By Color- This is how we built the ombre bookshelves in our office. There are several different color variants available. You measure the shelf you are wanting to do and they sell these by the foot.

Face Masks- 3 For $12 and breathable.

Wine Chiller- Ya’ll are my kind of people when a wine chiller is a top seller! Ha! This makes the perfect gift and works really well!

Faux Shearling Slides- Go a 1/2 size up in these. They look so much like the popular Jenni Kayne version for 1/4 of the price. I wear mine non stop.

Best Toddler PJ’s/Base Set- We have these in several colors for the boys. They can be pajamas or I like to put a denim jacket, boots and hat with them as a top/bottom as well.

Sweater Romper- This has been such a hit because it’s so cozy, but can thick enough to be worn out of the house as well. I love wearing it with some sneakers and a jacket over as well. Would be cute with tights and boots as well.

Le Labo Dupes:

No surprise that the best sellers of the year were Le Labo Santal Dupes. The essential oil by Le Labo is $144 and this one is $25. It makes your house smell amazing! The candle has a wooden wick so you get that nice crackling sound. I took the sticker off to make it look more high end.

You can find the essential oil HERE and the candle HERE.



Trey’s Recipe: Meatballs Over Creamy Polenta

meatballs with polenta

Trey’s Recipe: Meatballs Over Creamy Polenta

creamy polenta with meatballs

meatballs with polenta

meatballs with polenta

We had our first snow in Nashville the other day and while the fireplace was crackling and we were warm inside we decided to make a super “cozy meal.” Trey came up with this meatballs over creamy polenta and we topped it with pesto and mozzarella. It was absolutely delicious and looked super festive!

I love cooking in our Mackenzie-Childs cookware because they can go straight from stovetop to dining table. They are as functional as they are beautiful. For this we used the Courtly Check 3qt. Pan.

Trey’s Creamy Polenta With Meatballs

Creamy Polenta


4 tablespoons salted butter

1 tablespoon fresh oregano, minced

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 medium yellow onion, thinly sliced

4 cups chicken stock

2 cups coarse-ground cornmeal

1 cup heavy cream

1 cup ricotta

1/2 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese

Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper


Heat the butter on medium-high heat. Add the oregano, garlic and onions. Cook until softened and fragrant, about 5 minutes. Pour in the chicken stock along with 1 cup of water and bring to a boil. Add the cornmeal while whisking and avoid it clumping up. Cook, stirring frequently, until thick, (about 20 minutes)  Stir in the cream, ricotta and Parmesan. Season with salt and pepper. Cover and set aside off the heat.



2 tablespoons olive oil

2 pounds 80% lean ground beef

1 cup ricotta cheese

2 large eggs

1 cup breadcrumbs

1/4 cup chopped parsley

2 teaspoons kosher salt

1 teaspoon dried oregano

1/2 teaspoon ground fennel seed

1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes


Heat the oven to 450℉.  Drizzle the oil into a 9 x 13″ baking dish and rub to coat the entire surface.
Combine the ground beef, ricotta, eggs, bread crumbs, parsley, oregano, salt, red pepper flakes, and fennel in a large bowl and mix with your hands until everything is entirely incorporated.
Roll the mixture into round 1 1/2 – 2″ round, golf-ball sized meatballs (a #24 cookie scoop works perfectly for measuring this amount if you happen to have one handy).  Place the balls in the prepared baking dish, being careful to line them up snugly and in even rows to form a grid.  The meatballs should be touching one another.
Roast for 20 minutes, or until the meatballs are firm and cooked through.  When they are fully cooked remove them from the oven and drain any excess grease from the dish.

Mix meatballs in with your favorite marinara sauce and put back in over for 15 minutes.

Add meatballs over the polenta. Top meatball/polenta combo with a bit of pesto, fresh mozzarella and fresh basil. Cook on low until mozzarella has melted, serve! Enjoy.


Nashville Holiday Gift Guide With the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

country music hall of fame

Nashville Holiday Gift Guide With the Country Music Hall of Fame and Musuem

Shop any of the items by clicking on the coordinating number….1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum holds such a special place in my heart. Trey and I were engaged on the rooftop, were married in the Rotunda and celebrated our reception in the hall. This year has been so difficult on the music industry and it’s the perfect time to holiday shop from Circa: The Museum Store and Hatch Show Print. In doing so you can show support to the museum’s mission to preserve and interpret the evolving history and traditions of country music and Hatch Show Print’s mission through preservation through production.

Hatch Show Print is a more than 140-year-old letterpress poster and design shop. It’s one of the oldest letterpress print shops in the United States. So many of country and rock and rolls great’s relied on Hatch Show Print to create their show posters. Today, they creates and print 500 to 600 poster jobs every year for clients ranging from Mumford & Sons and Willie Nelson to brands such as Fossil, Taschen and the U.S. Postal Service. Fun fact… they created the Save The Dates for our wedding. We had it printed in poster size and had our guests sign it in lieu of a traditional guest book.

I’ve highlighted some of my favorites from Circa and Hatch Show Print to make it extra easy to shop. From the cutest baby onesie to a beautiful cream colored guitar (that’s only $299!) .. there’s something for everyone on your list!

In addition to the unique gifts found at Circa: The Museum Store and Hatch Show Print, you can also purchase classic restrikes of historic blocks that hang on the walls of Hatch Show Print’s Haley Gallery.

You can check out the museum shop HERE and Hatch Show Print store HERE.. You can also use discount code: ASHLEY15 for 15% off your purchase. Orders must be placed by December 11th to arrive by Christmas. Local pickup available as well.

** Thank you to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions and thoughts are my own. **


Neutral Holiday Decor With Wayfair

holiday decor

** Thank you to Wayfair for sponsoring this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. **

neutral christmas decor

neutral holiday decor

neutral holiday decor

There’s nothing like the glow of a Christmas tree to make your home feel cozy and special. We decided to keep decorating minimal this year and use lots of neutral pieces, but keep it cozy with tons of textures and lights.

We went with a flocked tree that is a bit more slim to fit in our space. The flocking on this one HERE. is so thick and great quality. It keeps the tree having more of an overall white look which I adore. You can shop all of Wayfair’s wide selection of Christmas trees on sale, HERE!

Throughout the house I used lots of candles, pinecones and fur throw blankets/pillows. We also used birch wood on the fireplace and in baskets to bring in that winter feel and add texture.

This cabinet in our living room provides extra storage, but has also become the perfect place to add in decor items. Adding a wreath on your mirror always makes a beautiful statement.

Wayfair has a huge selection of HOLIDAY DECOR at really great price points. Happy decorating!