Small Space Office & Tips on Making one In Your Home

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I have been wanting an office since I started the blog, but kept putting it off due to only having a small space to put it in. We are currently on the house hunt, and I would tell myself that once we are in the new house and have a whole extra room for an office, then I would design one. BUT, why wait?! My back was starting to kill from working at our bar with a backless bar stool, and I was keeping my files in the laundry room. It just wasn’t productive at all. SO I made the most of a small space we already have at the landing of our stairs and I’m so glad I did.

You can virtually put an office anywhere. In a guest bedroom, the landing of a stairwell, in a nook, in a sunroom, the possibilities are endless.

5 Tips for a Small Space Office:

1. I think finding a good rug that helps defines the space is key. I went with this round rug, because it was a great fit for the small space that I had. Nuloom rugs have so many great rug choices, and I knew they had great quality. It’s also under $100, and since we are moving soon I looked for something with a neutral print that I know will work in the new space as well.

2. Find a small desk that still packs a punch. I couldn’t decide if I wanted the sleek all white desk or something a little more rustic and this one was the best of both worlds! Just because you don’t have much room, does not mean that you have to skip on style. I really like how sturdy this one is, and clean looking.

3. Find yourself a comfortable chair. Now that I have really been focusing an extra free time I have on the blog, I spend a LOT of time at my desk. You really want to be comfortable there. In my opinion, comfortability leads to productivity. It’s highly unlikely I will sit somewhere and really be able to focus and cross things off the to-list if I’m uncomfortable. For me I was looking for something with a tall back and a little bit of an arm rest. I loved that this one had the gold handle detailing on the back and the nail heads to add some style.

4. Organization! One of the main points of me getting a work space was so that my folders, binders, calendars, etc were no longer in the living room. I went with a neutral file folder holder with some gold detailing. I actually need to go back and get two or three more. The great thing about these is that you can get as many as you need and stack them together. I also found a gold pencil holder that had plenty of space for scissors, pens, paper clips, and any other odd and end office supply that I might need. When everything is neatly organized and within an arms reach it makes everything a little easier.

5. Have some wall space. If you are working with a small space, it’s best if you do have some wall space that you can hang what you need above your desk. I have pictures above mine from now from Framebridge, and this marble dry erase board and a hanging gold catch all board. You could also put more file folder space, a hanging calendar, or any other organizational tool in that area. It takes up far less room than file cabinets or bookshelves.

I’m so excited to final have a happy little workspace in my home and it’s inspiring me to really work hard and create lots of new content. Stay tuned for so many upcoming fun projects!

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