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Women Empowering Women with Kitty Boutique

nashville fashion blogger

Sharing a fall look with Kitty Boutique

kitty boutique

women empowering women

nashville fashion blogger

kitty boutique

kitty boutique

kitty boutique

nashville fashion blogger

Kitty Boutique

One of my favorite Nashville boutiques is Kitty in East Nashville, and now you can shop it online! If you are a Nashvillian you must go check it out, and if you are visiting it’s a must stop spot as well. The owner, Sarah, is a friend of mine and a truly badass babe. She’s all about empowering other women and being a hard working, goal diggin’ woman.

This adorable boutique has a curated selection of boho pieces with an edgy vibe. (AKA Right up my alley…)

Kitty was named after Kitty Wells who was the first female to score a number 1 on the country charts, against much opposition. Kitty boutique is all about continuing that sentiment today through renaissance women who live outside of the box and according to their own rules.

With this motto in mind, I started thinking about what makes me feel empowered as a woman. First and foremost being a stay at home mother that also juggles entrepreneurship, being a good wife and friend, and keeping up with the home (well..sort of on that last one.) Secondly, being confident enough to empower other women, in turn makes me feel empowered.

There is something about tearing down the walls of competition and jealousy and in turn building up other women that feels good and makes me feel empowered myself. I’ve learned that if you don’t TRULY want the best for your friends then you aren’t friends at all. You need to feel confident enough in your own skin so that you can pump positivity into those around you. I hope that all of my friends reach their goals. Even if that means they reach one that I may want as well. THAT’S OK! Someone else’s success should never determine how you view your own successes. There is room for everyone to have happiness and success, and everyone deserves that very sentiment.


Embroidered Trend – Summer Outfit Inspo

Nashville fashion

I’ve been seeing the embroidered trend everywhere this season, and I’m really loving it.

Embroidered Shirt

nashville fashion blogger

embroidered handbag

embroidered handbag

embroidered trend

Nashville fashion

summer outfit inspo

Head Dress Embroidered T-Shirt | Embellished Clutch | Hat | Aviators | Jeans

I’ve been seeing the embroidered trend everywhere this season, and I’m really loving it. Of course, I had to do my own take on it. Which at 81/2 months pregnant means in t-shirt form. I found this designer, Banner Day, that makes these handcrafted, high-quality linen embroidered t-shirts and couldn’t pass them up. Yes, it was a little bit of a splurge. They source original artwork as the illustrations for the shirts. How cool is that?! You can shop the one I’m wearing HERE. I sized up for the bump, but I think it’ll be cute tied up later this summer, post baby. I also love this cactus version and this coyote version . Most days, I wear this with some leggings and flats. However, for a little friend date I wore it with the only jeans that fit me these days. These are NOT maternity, but are super low rise so I’ve worn them my entire pregnancy. If you are expecting, save your $$ on maternity jeans, and get a pair of these. That way you can wear them after too!

I’ve been loving the embroidered trend so much much I wanted to get a purse with that vibe. I searched long and hard to find this one that is completely embellished and it’s under $100! It comes in two other colors as well. I’m also tempted to buy the tote version as well. These days I typically need a big bag to carry all G’s (and soon to be baby #2’s) things as well as my own.

Let me just tell ya, it’s hard out there for an 8 month preggo in this summer heat. I’m anxiously waiting to meet baby #2 and see his cute little face. Most days I’m at home in the air conditioning with G in comfy clothes, but I am soaking up day time friend dates to grab lunch or a coffee as much as I can before his arrival. I know it will be hard to get out for awhile once he’s here!


Function Meets Fashion with Dagne Dover

bucket bag styling

I’ve really been on an organization kick lately, maybe it’s the pregnant “nesting” so when I found a bucket bag where function meets fashion I couldn’t deny it!

Bucket Bag | Rose Studded Booties | Boyfriend Tee | Denim

I’ve really been on an organization kick lately, maybe it’s the pregnant “nesting.” When I found a bucket bag where function meets fashion I couldn’t deny it! While pregnant with George I truly had that strong “nesting” feeling. We spent hours and hours organizing his nursery. This time around I’m so busy chasing him around most of the time, I haven’t really prepped in the same way. That “nesting” feeling has still been prevalent though, so I’m trying to calm it in manageable ways. First, was the planner. Now, keeping my purse more organized.

The bucket bag has been on trend for awhile now, but I never found one that had everything I was looking for to pull the trigger. This leather bag was a great neutral color, but the functionality is what sold me. The inside has a removable key leash, ID slots, lipgloss/pen loops, phone pockets, and various other pockets to keep everything organized. As you may recall from previous post, I’m NOT organized by nature. I need all the help I can get. This makes finding things in my bag so easy.

These jeans are not maternity, but I’ve been wearing them this whole pregnancy thus far. They sit below the bump and have lots of strech. Gotta keep it comfy these days. I pretty much wear a graphic tee or one of these ($20) v-neck tees everyday. They are easy and comfortable.

P.S. I’ve never worn these rose applique studded booties and not gotten complimented on them. I love that they cut low so they are cooler for summer.

P.P.S. Makeup was done by Chels Rey Makeup She does such a great job if you are looking for someone in Nashville!

I hope everyone has a great week!


Traveling with a Baby and Family Fashion

Chaser Brand

Traveling with a baby is no easy task, but with some organization and patience it’s well worth the trouble!

On Me: Similar Tiger Tank | Leather Diaper Bag/ Backpack | White Cut Off Shorts | Platform Wedge Sandal | Aviators

On Georgie: Graphic T-Shirt | Baby Jeans

On Trey: Baseball Graphic Tee | Sunglasses

Traveling with a baby is no easy task, but with some organization and patience it’s well worth the trouble! We are a family on the go, and often get asked “how do you do it!?” Not going to lie, it’s hard. I really love making the memories, and introducing G to so many new places and things. For our family, it’s worth the trouble.

This past weekend we took a quick Memorial Day weekend road trip to the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area.

First, we went to a concert for one of Trey’s artist. It’s always fun to see G clap and dance along to the music. It’s SOOOO important to put noise cancelling headphones on your babies ears! You can shop the ones we use HERE. (These make a great shower gift for music loving couples….) One of the tricks (and we don’t have this mastered just yet, but we are trying) is to keep the baby on as much of the same schedule as possible. So I left the concert early to go back to our hotel and get G in bed close to his normal bedtime.

The next day we headed over to Dollywood. If you are a Tennessee native, I recommend this park for the little ones! It’s a nice and clean family park that’s nestled in the Smoky Mountains. There are lots of trees for shade, and it’s extremely stroller friendly. They had a little baby splash pad and playground with soft foam that G just loved! Trey and I ate our way through the park. I’m talking corn dogs, potato twirls, funnel cake, root beer floats….no calories were spared here. It was a pregnant girls dream. We also had fun going to the fair section and playing the games. (Trey even won Georgie a little stuffed animal!) There were also a couple baby friendly rides that G could do.

Tips for traveling with a baby on a road trip:

* If you can schedule to leave the house right when they typically nap it is easiest. This way they can sleep as much of the car ride as possible, and stay as close to their daily schedule as possible.

*As tempting as it is to stay out late and just have them sleep in the stroller, do your best to head back to the hotel and let them sleep in a pack in play or something similar to their home schedule. A crabby baby doesn’t make for a fun trip….

*If they sleep with a sound machine, special blanket or anything else…bring it along! Keeping that home like feeling is key!

* Have lots of snacks, books, and toys on hand! If one of you can sit in the back during the car ride itself and read or play…bonus points.

* Stay calm. HA!

We are a t-shirt and jeans kinda family. I truly swear by Chaser brand because of the quality and how soft the fabric is. I just realized G can fit in their smallest size…and I couldn’t be more excited! Now we can all wear it.

I know I’ve mentioned the jeans G is wearing before, but they are the best out there. Trust me, I’ve tried A LOT. They are designer, but at a great price. They are made of a knit material and not a typical denim, so they are super soft and strechy. You can shop them HERE.

I’m still stuck on the white on white trend this summer. Pretty daring with a baby…

Daniel Wellington just launched the classic petite leather watch in white!!! IT goes perfectly with my white on white summer uniform. The one pictured is with the rose gold detailing. You can get 15% off by using promo code “BEAUANDARROW” when you shop the watch!!

P.S. These comfy platform wedge sandals are part of the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale. Only a few days left to shop it so don’t miss out!


32 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Nashville Fashion Blogger

This pregnancy has truly flown by, but I wanted to take a moment to reflect and give a little 32 weeks pregnancy update!

Band Tee | Necklace Layer Set | Snakeskin Booties | Hat | Sunglasses

This pregnancy has truly flown by, but I wanted to take a moment to reflect and give a little 32 weeks pregnancy update!

With Georgie, I had some complications along the way so I was always thinking about being pregnant and I really noticed all of the little aches and pains along the way. This time around I’ve been so busy chasing G around, trying to keep up with the house, blog, travel, and everything else that happens on any given day, that I haven’t tuned in to my body. I wanted to take a minute and reflect.

At the beginning of this pregnancy I truly felt great! Other than the first trimester tiredness, I was feeling really “normal.” I felt like I could accomplish so much in a day during the second trimester. My energy levels were up, my aches and pains were minimal and that chronic sleepiness had worn off. BUT THEN….. the third trimester hit. Day after day I feel like I push myself to the complete limit, and then when my head hits the pillow at night all of the pregnancy pains hit like a ton of bricks. Sleeping is next to impossible, which is all I want to do!

So 32 weeks seems like an accomplishment! From here on out I’m pledging to be a little easier on my body and on myself in general. Some things will just have to wait. I’ve been getting asked a lot how I do it all, and I don’t want to fool anyone. I don’t! At the end of every day there are still things that haven’t been done on the to do list. I do believe that keeping active as long as you can really will help you feel your best during pregnancy!

When people ask me how I’m doing, I always respond “great!” One because I don’t think anyone truly wants to hear about how bad my back hurts, that I can’t sleep or that I’m constantly tired and two because I truly believe keeping a positive attitude is key! If I keep telling myself I’m doing just fine, maybe just maybe I’ll trick my body into believing it. Worth a shot!

I want to really embrace these last couple weeks, and prep for the arrival of baby #2! I’m so excited to meet him. We had an ultrasound done the other day and he was looking a lot like G. I’m curious to see if they will look alike, or if this one will favor Trey more.

As the timer till his arrival ticks away my main goal is to soak up my time with just G too!!

Anyone out there with babies very close in age? I need all the advice I can get!

Also, I’m really not into buying many maternity clothes. I look for things that will accommodate the bump and also work after. The lowest rise jeans are key for this! I live in graphic tees, as you have probably noticed. Starstruck vintage in Nashville is a gold mine!!! She hand distressed them and I’m completely obsessed! It’s a vintage shop and there are always amazing finds in there. If you aren’t local to Nashville you can find her HERE. You can thank me later… 😉


Bomber Jackets – Life Updates

While love from Mother’s Day and our Anniversary is on my mind, I had to show ya’ll this bomber jacket and some of my other favorite bomber jackets.

Love Me Bomber Jacket | Stripe T-Shirt | Faux Leather Pant | Nude Pump

While love from Mother’s Day and our Anniversary is on my mind, I had to show ya’ll this bomber jacket and some of my other favorite bomber jackets. How cute is this lightweight bomber ?! It’s on sale for $60, and is such a fun item to add to the closet. I paired it with these leather pants only because I was wearing it for a date night and dressing it up a bit. I think it would look adorable with some black denim cut offs and this stripe tee OR over an all white look (white t-shirt and white shorts) with some sneakers. Bomber jackets are still hot and it’s great to carry them into the spring/summer seasons!

Life has been completely hectic lately. It just hit me the other day that we do not have a single free weekend until baby #2 arrives! We have a lot of upcoming travel and A TON of weddings. With this baby I have been a lot more easy going as far as prep work. We have everything we need (mostly) from G. BUT I still think it’s important that we get him some of his own belongings and make sure to have everything for him out and ready. It’s more of a mental thing, but I want his arrival to be just as special as Georgie’s was!

Also, we finally have a name for the second babe. We decided to keep it a secret (even to our parents.) I think it’s fun for Trey and I, and will leave a little element of surprise for his arrival.

P.S. I’ve linked some of my favorite bomber jackets that are fitting for spring/summer! Most are under $100 and all are lightweight! You can also head to the “shop” tab under the home screen and see them all there as well.


Balance and Easy Spring Fashion

Balance. How can we have it all, do it all, be it all, see it all?

The Creative Souls Tribe reached out to me to write a piece about balance for their May blog series, and I was so happy they did! First off, if you’ve never heard of them you MUST check them out. “Creative Souls is a community that inspires and equips females to take action in their creative endeavors. Our mission is to connect and empower women to get in touch with their true creativity.” I mean how amazing is that?! They also have meet ups and community outreach. Check them out HERE.

I wanted to share with ya’ll my thoughts from that…

Balance. How can we have it all, do it all, be it all, see it all? In today’s society it is normal for us to wear so many hats. For me, it’s mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, blogger, traveler, chef, house cleaner, traveler, believer, decorator, teacher, wannabe fitness junky, and the list goes on and on. How is it even possible to balance all of these things each and everyday? It seems overwhelming just typing it out. Well, I’m here to tell you it’s not possible. More importantly, THAT’S OK.

Since having my son, Georgie, I feel some days are just a whirlwind. I’m not sure there has ever been a day where everything has gotten crossed off the to do list. You may start the day with the best of intentions, but then he crawls in your lap and needs attention, misses a nap or spills his lunch on top of his head (yes this happens) and needs a daytime bath. From there the whole day is thrown off, and the productivity goes on a downward spiral. Before you know it, I’m on the couch eating Halo ice cream and bing watching ‘Teen Mom.’ (Hey, don’t judge.)

I’m constantly seeking that perfect balance. Being a great wife, keeping a clean house, having healthy home cooked meals on the table, teaching my son as much as possible, taking him to as many activities as possible, working out, spending time with my friends, creating great content for my blog, and who even knows what else. It’s easy to get anxiety attempting to balance it all.

I was once told you always have time for the things you make time. Simple, but true. I’ve tried to use this as my key to keeping balance in my life. Think of it as a scale, some items are heavier than others on some days. For me, I never want to compromise being a mother, wife or friend. Those are my “heavy weights.” So to keep the scale balanced, I always put those on the one side, every day. Then I can add a few of the extras to the other side to balance it out. If you were to add every single other thing, the scale wouldn’t be balanced.

Being stubborn at heart, it’s always been hard for me to ask for help. You want to wear that superwoman badge, and be able to tackle everything without reaching out for any assistance.
Good luck to ya. I’ve learned to allocate outside help whenever I can. It’s like being able to wear all the hats, but having help putting them on. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?

If you want to eat healthy, but don’t have time to cook that day, then get a delivery meal service that offers homemade healthy meals delivered. If you want to get your workout class in, but don’t have a babysitter that day during the class (ahemmm my everyday scenario), then take a quick jog, do some squats while you do your hair, some calf raises while you make dinner, and a few planks before bed and call it a day. If you want a clean house, but just can’t seem to have time, splurge on a house cleaner that week. You get the picture. Leave your pride at the door, there is no shame in the help game!

Somedays, Georgie may not get learning time, park time, and a bath in during the course of the day. I might have to do a little more work for the blog, or help a friend with some errands. That’s ok, I try again the next day.

For me, that key to balance in life has been a two-parter. First, prioritizing what is truly important to me and gives my life purpose and meaning. Concentrating on those things, and feeling fulfilled with those things alone. The second, learning not to compare my life to others, and losing the need to compete with others to keep up. Can we all make a pledge not to judge one another? You really never know what someone is going through. It may seem like they have it all together, but if you take a closer look they could be falling apart. Find what works for you and be happy with that. And if your day ends on the couch with a tub of Halo, hey, that’s ok too.

Now that we’ve agreed not to judge one another, I can let ya’ll know I have literally worn this every day for the last 5-6 days now. My obsession with longhorn everything is strong, and I couldn’t resist the back detailing. It’s also made with a loose knit so it’s cool and perfect for spring and summer. The white on white trend is as strong as ever, and easy to do. I’ve probably mentioned my favorite v-neck pocket tee a million times, but it’s the easiest go to piece. Of course I paired it with my white cut off denim shorts. These are a great low rise fit so I’m able to continue wearing them preggo because they hit under the bump. Hallelujah!


Floral Fashion for Spring & Summer

One of spring and summers biggest trend, is floral. I’m all in on this trend, but wanted to share a couple of easy ways to incorporate floral fashion into your wardrobe.

Floral White Booties | Over the Shoulder Handbag | Denim Cut Off Shorts | Marble Wrap Necklace | Olive Pocket Tee

First of all, you must go see the Amelia’s flower truck when visiting Nashville. It is usually parked in the 12th South area, it’s the cutest little thing!

All the floral fashion has been giving me heart eyes lately, but I know it can seem overwhelming to style.

While on the hunt for white booties when I found these dreamy flower applique studded booties. I didn’t have them on for 5 minutes before I got stopped asking where I had found them. I like to add floral fashion in small doses, and this does the trick. Pair it with an easy boyfriend tee and some cut offs and you are good to go. You may be sick of me talking about these boyfriend style pocket tees, but they are under $20 and come in so many colors. This olive version just got added to my closet. My go to denim shorts will always be these one teaspoons. I finished the look with my go to spring handbag (how pretty is the handle detailing?!) and this marble wrap necklace.

5 Tips To Incorporate Floral Fashion Into Your Wardrobe:

1. If the floral print is large keep your other pieces very neutral. I’m all about a floral print, but bold on bold just gets to be a bit much.

2. Look for embroidered florals. This is my favorite way to incorporate two hot trends, and keep the floral look very classy. (A few post back I featured this embroidered floral moto jacket and it showcases this perfectly!)

3. For small florals, or a single floral go ahead and mix it with a print. These shoes would love great with a striped blouse, or a dress with a boho print.

4. Look for pieces that have really delicate florals or “prairie florals.” This is a new hot trend for spring/summer and has that boho vibe. (Love that!)

5. Mix it up with some of spring/summers other hottest trends to curate go to pieces for any occasion. (Think one shoulder tops, blouses with ruffles, on a sweatshirt with denim cut offs, etc.)

Photography: Chelsea Rochelle Photography


Summer Graphic Tees & White Jeans

Summer graphic tees are my go-to for everyday style!

Platform Sandal | Tiger Tee | White Jeans | Plaid Shirt | Beaded Bracelets (USE CODE BEAUARROW for 25% off!) | Third Eye Necklace | Bar Ring | Double Bar Open Ring | Sunglasses

I’m not sure why I’ve been on such a tiger kick lately, but I’ve been loving them! Chaser brand is my go-to for summer graphic tees! This tiger version makes a statement without being too much. I like to add some white jeans to my wardrobe to brighten outfits up for spring/summer. Once it really starts to get warm I’ll go with cut offs. I’m on the hunt for the perfect distressed white pair now! I swapped my typical bootie for these black and white Marc Fisher platform wedge sandal. Comfort is key with shoes these days, being pregnant and chasing an 11 month old. It took me a minute to find the perfect pair that were super easy to walk in, but these ARE IT! My other latest obsession is the third eye.. it started with this manicure. Then I found this dainty necklace and I’ve been wearing it on repeat.

I’ve got a super busy week, but lots of exciting things happening! We have a meeting with a home builder today, I have a couple blogger events around town, and I’ll be doing lots of prep work for Georgie’s birthday party next weekend. I’ve been pinning woodland animal ideas and home decor inspiration like a mad woman, so if you don’t follow along with me on Pinterest you can find me HERE. If you have any pins for these things, I’d love if you could send them my way!


The perfect spring LBD

Little Black Dress | Booties | Sunglasses | Handbag Necklaces: Mary Kathryn Designs Bracelets: Cadyn & Charlie

Photography: Chelsea Rochelle Photography

It’s felt like spring in February the last few days in Nashville and it has been glorious!! I’m spending as much time as I can outside to soak it all up and look at the spring blooms. I have found ya’ll the perfect off the shoulder dress ! It can be dressed up or down and is under $100!! It’s cotton and lightweight so it would make the perfect swim cover up this summer as well. I paired it with my go to suede booties, and some handmade jewelry. So easy and comfortable. Whenver it’s a little more cool, I will layer a denim jacket over it and my Converse or Golden Goose tennis shoes.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Trey will be gone most of the month of March for work, so we will be getting outside with Georgie and soaking in all the family time that we can!