Traveling with a Baby and Family Fashion

Chaser Brand

Traveling with a baby is no easy task, but with some organization and patience it’s well worth the trouble!

On Me: Similar Tiger Tank | Leather Diaper Bag/ Backpack | White Cut Off Shorts | Platform Wedge Sandal | Aviators

On Georgie: Graphic T-Shirt | Baby Jeans

On Trey: Baseball Graphic Tee | Sunglasses

Traveling with a baby is no easy task, but with some organization and patience it’s well worth the trouble! We are a family on the go, and often get asked “how do you do it!?” Not going to lie, it’s hard. I really love making the memories, and introducing G to so many new places and things. For our family, it’s worth the trouble.

This past weekend we took a quick Memorial Day weekend road trip to the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area.

First, we went to a concert for one of Trey’s artist. It’s always fun to see G clap and dance along to the music. It’s SOOOO important to put noise cancelling headphones on your babies ears! You can shop the ones we use HERE. (These make a great shower gift for music loving couples….) One of the tricks (and we don’t have this mastered just yet, but we are trying) is to keep the baby on as much of the same schedule as possible. So I left the concert early to go back to our hotel and get G in bed close to his normal bedtime.

The next day we headed over to Dollywood. If you are a Tennessee native, I recommend this park for the little ones! It’s a nice and clean family park that’s nestled in the Smoky Mountains. There are lots of trees for shade, and it’s extremely stroller friendly. They had a little baby splash pad and playground with soft foam that G just loved! Trey and I ate our way through the park. I’m talking corn dogs, potato twirls, funnel cake, root beer floats….no calories were spared here. It was a pregnant girls dream. We also had fun going to the fair section and playing the games. (Trey even won Georgie a little stuffed animal!) There were also a couple baby friendly rides that G could do.

Tips for traveling with a baby on a road trip:

* If you can schedule to leave the house right when they typically nap it is easiest. This way they can sleep as much of the car ride as possible, and stay as close to their daily schedule as possible.

*As tempting as it is to stay out late and just have them sleep in the stroller, do your best to head back to the hotel and let them sleep in a pack in play or something similar to their home schedule. A crabby baby doesn’t make for a fun trip….

*If they sleep with a sound machine, special blanket or anything else…bring it along! Keeping that home like feeling is key!

* Have lots of snacks, books, and toys on hand! If one of you can sit in the back during the car ride itself and read or play…bonus points.

* Stay calm. HA!

We are a t-shirt and jeans kinda family. I truly swear by Chaser brand because of the quality and how soft the fabric is. I just realized G can fit in their smallest size…and I couldn’t be more excited! Now we can all wear it.

I know I’ve mentioned the jeans G is wearing before, but they are the best out there. Trust me, I’ve tried A LOT. They are designer, but at a great price. They are made of a knit material and not a typical denim, so they are super soft and strechy. You can shop them HERE.

I’m still stuck on the white on white trend this summer. Pretty daring with a baby…

Daniel Wellington just launched the classic petite leather watch in white!!! IT goes perfectly with my white on white summer uniform. The one pictured is with the rose gold detailing. You can get 15% off by using promo code “BEAUANDARROW” when you shop the watch!!

P.S. These comfy platform wedge sandals are part of the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale. Only a few days left to shop it so don’t miss out!

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